How to Give a Spanking (Variant Books)

Advice from the Receiving End

Designed as a companion guide to How to Get the Spanking You Want, this is book is written especially for men whose partners want spankings.

"A brilliant and superbly-written book!" - reader comment

How to Give a Spanking: Advice from the Receiving End combines easy-to-use, practical advice with candid insights into the secrets of female psychology to give you the information you need to give your partner the spanking she's been dreaming about.

Written in an honest, practical and "Mars-friendly" style, this guide reveals...

*The real reasons your partner wants you to spank her (page 38)
*Why spanking is the secret to releasing your inner "alpha male" (page 54)
*The seven secret spanking desires that are most important to your partner and how to fulfill them using practical, easy-to-use techniques (page 59)
*How spanking your partner can help your career (page 50)
*Use the power of anticipation to win her undying devotion (page 93)
*The #1 mistake men make when spanking women -- and how to keep from making this huge mistake! (page 80 )
*The secret power of the "drive-by" swat (page 117)
*How to tap into your desire to spank your partner, even if you aren't "into it." (page 51)
*Her favorite spanking implement holds the key to how she wants to be spanked (page 132)
*How to protect yourself from legal liability and other hazards of spanking your partner (page 22)
*And much more!

These secrets for spanking your partner are available nowhere else -- online or off!

Never before has there been one definitive guide that gives you all the very best advice on how to give your partner the spankings she wants. You won't find these secrets anywhere else-- not on blogs, community spanking forums or even in other e-books. These other sources of spanking advice don't even get close to revealing the secrets you'll find in this soon-to-be-classic guide.

And in case you're wondering, your purchase is completely confidential.

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